02 Nov 2016

Annual Membership Fees

Annual membership fees fall due on October 1st each year. The fee is currently £20 and covers all members of your family. Fees can be paid in the form of bank transfer, cheque or cash to one of the CDCC team.



All coaching sessions take place on a Monday night and start at 18:30 during Derbyshire School term times for outdoor sessions.

Indoor sessions start at 18.15.
Please ensure you arrive a little earlier than the start time to get yourself and your bike prepared for the evenings activities

Sessions Payments

There are two method to pay for the training sessions :-

You can pay by month standing order.  Subscriptions are due on the 1st of each and every month at the rate of £9.50 per month. The bank details for the standing order are available from the membership secretary.

You can pay each Monday at a rate of £4.00 per session.

Thanks Stephen.


Adult Membership

Adult membership Form


Family Membership (Youth)

Family Membership

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    1. Training starts again 11th september at Sinfin Park

      NEW TERM STARTING 11th SEPT We will be starting the new term on 11th September at a fantastic new venue Sinfin Moor Park. The reason being we will not have to switch between the park and the brickyard...